Ancillary Products

At Apollo, we recognise the need to offer our customers a complete solution. Our ancillary product range includes market-specific solvent-free and solvent-based primers, sealants and cleaners.


We understand how diverse the range of materials used in the industrial industry is, which is why we have developed a range of cleaners and primers that can be used on most industrial materials. This includes metals, uPVC, foam and rubber.


When dealing with construction materials Apollo understands that task-time is a key concern. Our range of cleaners and primers ensure task-time is kept to a minimum and construction can continue. Our ancillary products range can be used on a variety of construction materials, including metals, concrete, brick and insulation.


Our roofing ancillary products have been specifically developed for cleaning and priming roof substrates and materials. This includes cleaning and priming existing roof substrates for overlay, such as felt, concrete, asphalt, single-ply and metal.

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