Team Leader Training - Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

Published: 04 June 2018

Congratulations to our team leaders Nigel Finney, Richard Dilly, Jon O’Brien, Paul Pegg, Tony Bevan, Kevin Albrighton and Andy Hathaway who have completed their ILM Level 2 Diploma Team Leader qualifications!

The aim of the program was to give our current team leaders a solid foundation and formal qualification in team leading, allowing them to confidently take greater responsibility and accountability in their roles. Team leaders operate a vital role within the company; providing better support to employees and helping to better manage resource in local working areas.

The qualification has improved their knowledge and understanding of team leading, with a strong emphasis on people skills.  They now have the confidence and tools to lead their teams effectively, where they can now better understand their teams’ needs, improve communication and build better working relationships, as well as manage their team’s performance.

Although only recently qualified, we are already seeing benefits to the business. Resource is being managed better in local areas around the business and staff have more formal communication channels. Improvement in IT skills has also had crossover benefits, enabling team leaders to communicate better improving local material and information flow.

Stuart Gibson (Operations Director) says: “This is a huge achievement for those who participated, which they should all be very proud of. We are committed to ensuring our employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform effectively and drive the business forward. Our next wave of team leaders have recently started their training; we would like to wish these the best of luck with their qualification!”