Movember at Apollo

Published: 10 November 2014


Staff at Apollo are showing their support in the battle against prostate and testicular cancer.

Men from the Apollo Team are growing their moustaches this month for Movember. Every year in the UK, around 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and around 2,200 are diagnosed with testicular cancer. Movember, which is now in its 11th year, aims to raise awareness around the signs and symptoms of these cancers, and to encourage men to be proactive when it comes to their health.

Apollo Managing Director, Jonathan Saunders, said: "Movember is a fantastic campaign that expresses a serious health message in a fun and friendly way. It is vitally important that we encourage all men to adopt a conscientious approach to their health and make them aware of what is normal and what symptoms they should be on the lookout for."

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is the second largest cause of male cancer deaths in the UK. Testicular cancer is less common, but is the most prevalent form of cancer in younger men aged 15-49 years. The main aim of the Movember campaign is to raise awareness, but funds received through the campaign help the charity to increase its reach and effectiveness. Last year, Apollo raised £1000 for the charity and we are hoping for an even better effort this year!

If anyone would like to make a donation to the charity, no matter how small, please follow this link to do so:

Whether you donate or not, please take some time to look into the Movember campaign, and the work it is doing to help save the lives of men everywhere.

Thank you for your attention and continued support!

On behalf of the Apollo Team.