Market Strategy Team dedicated to Apollo Roofing Solutions!

Published: 08 August 2018

Chris, Donna, Mark, Sneh, Joe & Steve.

As part of the ever evolving construction industry, Apollo need to ensure that we have a strong strategic focus on the market changes that will assist us in introducing innovative products for our customers. With this in mind, a dedicated business unit has been set up for Apollo Roofing Solutions.

The team brings together members from our Sales, Marketing and Technical departments. Combined expertise from these areas will assist in ensuring we are providing solutions to real industry issues.

The roofing sector is a significant area for Apollo and one that has gone from strength to strength in recent years. This team will assist us in stimulating our customers’ growth by thorough market understanding and adopting strategies designed to match customer expectations.

The roofing team consists of Mark Lloyd (Business Unit Manager), Joe Mogg (Sales Support Executive), Sneh Sethi (Market Intelligence Manager), Chris Parsons (Product manager- PU), Steve Pitt (Product Manager- Polymers) and Donna Colclough (Customer Support Advisor).

This decision has been carefully made with our vision in mind to ensure we are ‘the unseen coating, adhesive and primer department of our customers’ businesses’.