Laying Resin for Aggregate Bound Surfaces - Need to Know!

Published: 23 June 2017

Apollo Construction Solutions is excited to share our new ‘Need to Know’ guide for laying resin for aggregate bound surfaces – put together through over 20 years experience of the decorative aggregate market!

During our time in the market place, we have built a vast amount of knowledge, including an understanding of the main issues homeowners, local authorities and facility managers face with their laid decorative surfaces.

When laid correctly, aggregate bound surfaces are an attractive long-lasting surface option. However, issues can easily arise through errors or if shortcuts are taken when laying the surface. There is no solution for most problems, other than tearing up the existing surface and starting again!

This is why we created this guide. We show the main issues faced and why they may happen. We also offer advice for best practice to help ensure you end up with a beautiful hard-wearing surface first time, every time.

As part of our ‘More than adhesives’ brand promise, we are committed to ensuring that you have the knowledge you need for the successful completion of your projects.

Please follow this link to download our new guide!