Jade Warrington, Logistics & Accounts Payable Administrator

Published: 13 July 2016

As part of our continued growth strategy, Apollo is delighted to announce Jade Warrington as the Logistics & Accounts Payable Administrator in the Supply Chain and Accounts departments at Apollo.

As Logistics Administrator, Jade will be assisting the Supply Chain Department by ensuring that the operational processes are running smoothly. This includes managing inventory, warehouse processes and transport expenditures to ensure our Supply Chain meets our exacting standards for delivering excellent customer experience. As Accounts Payable Administrator, Jade will oversee the administrative aspects of accounts services. This includes performing the day-to-day processing of invoices, payments and expenditures to ensure Apollo’s finances are maintained in an effective, up to date and accurate manner.

Jade comes from a strong administrative background and has been successful in roles with an emphasis on promoting ‘customer experience’. Her skills and experience allow her to meet the demands of this two-dimensional role and we wish her a long, successful career ahead.

 Please join us in congratulating Jade in her new role at Apollo.