H.B. Fuller to Implement SAP as a Business Platform at our Apollo sites in Tamworth

Published: 05 September 2023

We wish to provide a quick update on our progress towards the implementation of SAP at our Apollo sites in Tamworth, UK, as part of our global transition to a single companywide enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform.
Our preparations for this deployment continue to evolve very well and our teams are working tirelessly to support this project’s success. We are leveraging best practices and our global expertise in SAP implementations to further ensure our readiness.
We are fully on track with the project milestones and our planned SAP “go-live” at Apollo will occur on November 6, 2023.
We will provide additional communication as we get closer to the cut-over date. In the meanwhile, see below a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, which will hopefully answer some of your specifics, but don’t hesitate to contact your local sales representative or customer service for more information as needed.
In parallel with the SAP implementation, we are working to further harmonize and simplify our operating model in Europe. If you will be impacted, you will receive a specific letter in advance with the necessary information.
We want to reiterate that we are here to serve you and that the new infrastructure will help foster growth and consistency by connecting business processes, countries, people and information with one global, seamlessly integrated system and will fundamentally improve how we partner and do business with you.
Again, thank you for your continued support.
H.B. Fuller

Frequently Asked Questions for Customers
Regarding H.B. Fuller conversion to SAP as a business platform

H.B. Fuller is upgrading to a single, world-class ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform. We will implement SAP application software for most of our basic transaction processing, including customer orders, procurement, manufacturing and financial reporting. The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked customer questions about this upcoming conversion.

What does H.B. Fuller conversion to SAP mean for me?

  • A stronger partner now and into the future.
    • The operating ease and continuity of working with a single platform worldwide.
    • A stronger basis to support and launch new digital tools in the future for customers, such as e-commerce and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities.
  • A few process changes in the way H.B. Fuller conducts business with you.
    • Our goal is to implement as smoothly as possible, with minimal disruption.
  • Importantly, most things, including our commitment to delivering outstanding personal service and high-quality products, won’t change.

How has H.B. Fuller prepared for the conversion?

  • We have prepared extensively for a smooth transition:
    • Planned for SAP implementation for several months.
    • Allocated ample resources to the project.
    • Dedicated a team of H.B. Fuller leaders and subject matter experts.
    • Using best-in-class standards for the chemical industry.
    • Partnering with SAP and leveraging their leading-practice SAP process model.
  • Engaging in rigorous testing of system design and readiness ahead of launch:
    • Employees had extensive training, testing, and certification to ensure a smooth transition.
    • Leveraged lessons learned from previously transitioned regions already on SAP.
  • We will communicate with you regularly throughout the transition.
    • Support will be provided where applicable.
  • We have developed contingency plans:
    • Despite best efforts, glitches can occur when converting business and IT platforms; we are ready to quickly respond to and resolve challenges that may arise.

 What changes can I expect?

  • There should not be any changes on how our customers currently transact business (e-mail, phone, etc.) during the transition.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your sales representative or customer service.
  • There will be slight format changes in documents that our customers receive today. While the “look” will be different and more user friendly, the content will be the same; these include changes to:
    • Packing Lists
    • Order Acknowledgements
    • Invoices
  • Product Names and reference numbers will change slightly as illustrated below:
    • Product names will be clear and include the brand
    • As an example, you will see a change from: FP-002865 - CT-0304-GR,BP-300 GRAY 10. to 15044199 - Water Block MASTIC LQ CT305ML 13KG
    • H.B. Fuller will provide material name and number cross-reference information for customers prior to the transition.


  • Depending on the product and package, you may see a new label design with enhanced information, including “Date of Manufacture”.  

Can I continue to place and manage my order in the same way?

  • Our customers can submit the same information they had before (such as utilizing their customer part #) when placing orders. It is up to our customers as to what is the most convenient way to place their orders (via email, phone, customer portal, etc.)
  • We will be processing orders with the new SAP material numbers starting on November 6, 2023.
  • Your H.B. Fuller sales representative will communicate directly with you regarding any upcoming changes in order placement and actions required prior to conversion.

How will orders be managed during the transition between systems?

  • Your H.B. Fuller sales representative will work with you to help plan and manage your inventory as we approach the cut over period.
    • Product orders will continue throughout the SAP “go-live” date.
    • Production and shipping will be suspended for 3 days prior to the SAP “go-live” date.
    • There will be reduced operation capacity for the first 3 weeks after the "go-live" date.

When will the conversion to SAP take place?

  • The planned cut-over period is from October 30 to November 5, 2023.
  • The planned “go-live” date is Monday, November 6, 2023.
  • Due to the reduced capacity after "go-live", orders placed in October are highly likely to have an extended lead time.
  • We would recommend placing orders for October/November in September – your H.B. Fuller sales representative can work with you to help plan and manage your inventory.
  • Customers are our priority. If, during testing and analysis of system readiness, we identify a need to delay conversion to ensure continuation of the highest levels of service, we will do so and communicate the decision and adjusted timeline accordingly.