Apollo is proud to receive the Living Wage Accreditation

Published: 09 July 2021

At Apollo, we are delighted to achieve the Living Wage Accreditation. In line with the ethos of the accreditation, we strongly believe that ‘a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay’ – and that every employee should earn enough to live on.

The aim of the Living Wage Foundation, who provides the voluntary accreditation, is in synergy with Apollo’s core values of Safety, Care and Trust. We deeply care for our people and believe that they are our biggest asset, which is why we have previously implemented many employee centric programmes:

  • Several generous performance bonuses
  • Health Shield (contributes to cost of medical cover) 
  • Employee Assistance Programme (to support mental well-being)

What does the Living Wage Accreditation mean to Apollo and our employees?

The Living Wage Accreditation means that no employee at Apollo now earns less than £9.50 per hour, which is significantly higher than the minimum wage of £8.91 per hour. This hourly rate excludes bonuses, which are paid on top of the standard wage. 

Ian Cornelius, Managing Director of Apollo, states: “Apollo has always tried to reward our employees for their hard work. We strongly believe that if the company is doing well, then our employees, who have helped to get us to where we are, should also do well.  Adhering to the Living Wage Accreditation  enables us to do this.

We also hope that the accreditation will help us to retain our already loyal employees, as well as attract new talent into the business moving forward by distinguishing us from other businesses”.

Apollo is one of the three employers to have the accreditation in the B77 postcode.  

Further information on the Living Wage Accreditation 

The Living Wage is independently calculated each year based on living costs and accredited employers choose to go further by paying all their staff, including subcontracted staff, a real Living Wage.

Further information on the Living Wage Accreditation can be found at www.livingwage.org.uk


What some of our employees have to say about gaining the accreditation:

“The Living Wage Foundation is a positive way for Apollo to demonstrate our core values, in particular Care. We want our employees to be paid a fair wage to empower employees to want to work for the business. We already appreciate the efforts of staff, and this is one way we can demonstrate our gratitude. It also enables the business to promote externally why Apollo is a great place to work. We hope that by having the accreditation, it attracts future talents and encourages existing staff to stay and progress within the business.

“There is a difference to paying people what we “should” and what we deem to be fair. The living wage foundation enables employers like Apollo to show its employees that they appreciate them. This promotes a positive culture internally, which supports teams being motivated to do well and want to come to work each day. I hope that by being a living wage employer, it continues to encourage staff to want to do well and enjoy working for Apollo.” Amie Webb, HR Manager

“I think it’s fabulous that Apollo have been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. It shows that Apollo are still a family company who care for their employees and that they are demonstrating their core values. I believe this will make a real difference to employees, boosting morale company-wide and making everyone feel proud to be part of Apollo.” April Goode, ICT Support Assistant

“Apollo getting accredited by the Living Wage Foundation makes everyone feel proud to work for the company. It shows Apollo are willing to pay more than most other companies, which will encourage more people to join.” Ryan Haywood, Senior Decanter

“I think it is fantastic that Apollo have been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. I have worked for Apollo for over 30 years, and it is nice to see it has still kept its small family feel as it’s grown. They still want to look after and care for their workforce.” Andrew Sheppard, QUENSH Technician

“Apollo being accredited to the Living Wage Foundation gives significance to employees, making them feel appreciated at the company. It will help retain current staff and bring new staff into the business.” Lorna Benbow, Process Technologist

“I think it is great that Apollo have been accredited by the Living Wage Foundation. It is guaranteed money where my monthly wage has gone up, with bonus paid on top of the new wage. It will also allow Apollo to attract more new people with more applicants for roles and raise morale with employees getting more guaranteed money.” Phill Arnold, PU Operative

“The Living wage Foundation is a great initiative, empowering companies to reward their employees and improve living standards throughout the UK. Apollo being accredited by the Living Wage Foundation has boosted morale throughout the company and shows that Apollo stands by its core values.” Hasan Haideri, Lab Technician

“Apollo being accredited the living wage foundation is just another way the company demonstrates it cares about the company and the people that work for them. As someone who has been personally impacted by the increase in wage to fall in line with the living wage, it definitely gives a sense of worth within the company and a feeling of being valued to treat all employees equally regardless of age.” Georgia Cox, Accounts Assistant

“Apollo have always paid fairly but gaining the living wage accreditation demonstrates Apollo’s commitment to their employees. It also ensures that Apollo are able to attract and retain the best and most motivated people.

“This accreditation will keep motivating Apollo’s workforce to go the extra mile every time they complete a task. It also gives employees the confidence that Apollo is always looking at ways of improving their wellbeing. With this accreditation all employees at Apollo will feel valued.” Bob Blagden, Maintenance Team Leader

“2020-2021 has been a tough time for everyone. Apollo has always had our backs and continuously goes above and beyond to ensure a safe working environment.  Along with this, they have also increased our minimum wages to show appreciation for the hard work and dedication we all put in, along with other great incentives to make for a better working environment for all employees.

“Apollo being awarded this accreditation is a massive achievement and highlights Ian and Jonathan’s hard work not only recognised by us as an employee but obviously by Living Wage Foundation.” Jacqueline Hopkins, Customer Support Advisor