Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important within all markets: industrial, construction and roofing. Increasing awareness, stringent legislation and intertwining supply chains mean your customers expect you to have a proactive approach to environmental management.

At Apollo, we strive to minimise our environmental impact. We hold the ISO 14001 certificate for Environmental Management. In fact, we were one of the first UK adhesive manufacturers to receive this certification.

Our brand promise, ‘More than adhesives’, ensures that we continue to evaluate our supply chain to minimise both Apollo’s and your environmental footprint.

At Apollo, our:

  • Experienced development chemists have a commitment to environmental innovation, which allows us to supply you with a range of solvent-free products.
  • Purchasing department works closely with outside suppliers to ensure that, wherever possible, the packaging in which we supply your products is made of recycled material.
  • Production team reduces the total amount of solvent Apollo consumes each day by reusing it to wash out reactors.
  • Compliance department works to constantly reduce solvent-based waste. Additionally, all non-hazardous waste is treated and recycled to ensure zero waste goes to landfill from any area of our operations.

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